Pre-Inspection / Used Car Inspection San Antonio

Mobile Mechanic San Antonio

With my services, you do not need to go to an auto shop for services; I will come to you on-site to do a pre-purchase used car inspection. My van is equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary for the job. Before paying for a used vehicle, let me take a look at it so you know the actual value and price to pay.

I am a licensed and certified mechanic with over a decade of experience. I can handle commercial and individual clients who need professional inspection services. When buying a used vehicle, you may not have the capacity to determine its condition and this is where I come in. Once I have completed the inspection, I will advise you and make recommendations on the actual price. There are so many components that work together to ensure that the car is running and I will check all of them.

With my comprehensive pre-purchase used car inspection, I will reveal all the possible problems and faults of the vehicles. I have advanced equipment which I will use to show any maintenance and previous repairs that have been conducted. Allow me to inspect any used car before buying it and you will love the outcome! I look forward to hearing from you.

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